Throughout my business and civic career, I understand meeting payroll and the challenges in running a business. After a successful business career, I changed my focus and applied my experience and knowledge by leading a mental health, not-for-profit counseling center that serves those in need. Overlaying all of this, voters elected me to three terms as a Louisville Councilman and in 2016 as State Representative to use my out of the box thinking, problem solving approach, and as a change agent to have government working for them and to best utilize their tax dollars.

One of my tenets which I was raised on is to serve others. I approach issues by doing my research, talking to the people who are effected by the issue, and applying my experience before I make a decision. I am very appreciative in being your State Representative, a position I do not take lightly.

The past two years have been transformational in terms of economic development and education. In transforming Kentucky’s economy, Kentucky has realized a record investment of over $9.2 billion in its’ economy, an unemployment rate that is the lowest in 42 years, and the creation of over 17,500 new jobs (with Louisville accounting for 4,600). For public education, we increased funding to record levels and helped stabilized the massive unfunded pension liability.

We need to be more competitive as well as continue our efforts to improve our education policies and funding. In working with you, we can continue our strides to move us out of the bottom quartile in many rankings. Join me to make Kentucky stronger and more competitive where all Kentuckians will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals.

Economic Development

Kentuckians deserve better economic opportunities – opportunities that foster well-paying jobs.

In rectifying the past bad policies which put us at the bottom of many rankings, I have made it a priority to continue Kentucky’s transformation by implementing a second phase of tax reform by lowering taxes and shifting to a more consumption base tax structure, further reducing regulations to make it easier to do business in Kentucky, and protect small business from hidden fees.

Through my experience in working with corporate budgets and being Vice Chair of the House Appropriation and Revenues Committee, I understand the cost drivers and will ask questions and seek solutions to justify your tax dollars being spent. I will provide leadership by leveraging my knowledge to find ways to make Kentucky more competitive not only on a regional basis, but nationally. Residents in District 48 need someone with a broad spectrum of business skill and insight to bring the out of the box thinking to Frankfort.

Please join me in helping to change the mindset of state government. We need a more business-friendly Kentucky.


Healthcare continues to be a concern for District 48 residents as we have experienced rising healthcare costs, shorter appointment times with our healthcare providers, and reduced coverage.

I have supported several healthcare bills that have dealt with mental health services, physician accessibility, and drug and substance use prevention and treatment. We need to shift the control of healthcare services back into the hands of individuals and those who provide healthcare. The bottom line is our health insurance premiums have increased, health providers are being told how to provide care, and service to those who can’t take care of themselves needs to improve.

I will fight to:

  • Reduce costly mandates and regulations
  • Push for policies to have the healthcare provider/patient relationship drive the solutions like promoting new technologies
  • Establish medical review panels for malpractice
  • Leverage public and private partnerships to address drug and substance addiction – addiction that has been on the rise in District 48
  • Provide incentives for proactive wellness and preventive care programs
  • Take a critical review of tort reform

Please join me in helping to change the culture of apathy and exploitation within our state government. We have all the tools we need to make Kentuckians healthier, put more healthcare control in your and your health provider’s hands, and find ways to reduce healthcare cost.


As the Vice Chair of Appropriations and Revenue, I understand we need to pass a strong budget with the priority placed on education. The future of our cities, state and country relies on the education of our children and giving them the resources and tools to be successful wherever their path may lead is critical.

I supported record funding of SEEK (Support Education Excellence in Kentucky) and restored funding to school transportation, family resource, literacy development programs, and Teach for America. 

Although this past session made a great start to rectifying past administrations and General Assemblies education funding deficiencies, it is my priority to drive funding to the classrooms where teachers are an invaluable part in the success of our children. It is our responsibility to equip teachers with the training and resources they need to do their job.

Over the past several years, there has been an unfortunate need to increase public school safety.   I will work to find solutions to protect our children from violence.

We need to focus more on public education.