Throughout my business and civic career, I understand meeting payroll and the challenges in running a business; after a successful business career, I changed my focus and applied my experience and knowledge by leading a not-for-profit organization in serving those who are less fortunate; overlaying all of this, voters elected me to three terms as a Louisville Councilman to use my out of the box thinking, problem solving approach, and change agent mentally to have government working for them and to best utitize their tax dollars. We need an outside of Frankfort advocate to look for better ways to serve you.

Join me to make Kentucky stronger and more competitive where all Kentuckians will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals.


Kentuckians deserve better economic opportunities – opportunities that foster well-paying jobs. As a former Louisville Councilmember, I have advocated for a more business-friendly Louisville by addressing the ways that we tax our businesses. We conducted an economic study of Louisville and our findings showed us that Louisville is the third most-taxed community out of its competitive cities. We need serious tax reform if we hope for Kentucky be truly aggressive in becoming a business-friendly state. We need higher paying jobs, not higher individual or company taxes and fees.

Based on my business and government involvement, I can see how Kentucky has built higher barriers and more impediments to businesses looking to invest in our Commonwealth. Why are we ranked low in many economic and health related studies? Why are many of our competitive states attracting businesses and young professionals? Kentucky has many wonderful amenities but our creativity has been stymied.

As a small business owner, an employee of large companies and a leader on Louisville Metro Council economic development issues, I will advocate economic development policies such as:

  • Reducing regulations which will give businesses more flexibility to reinvest in their capital.

  • Helping businesses in hiring more employees allowing them to produce more quality products and services.

  • Protecting small businesses from hidden taxes and provide assistance in growing.

  • Enacting smart tax reform with a simple, fair tax structure for all individuals and companies (phased in over several years).

  • Migrating towards a consumption-based tax system and away from an income tax structure to attract high paying jobs. As a Louisville Metro Councilman, I sponsored a Local Option Sales Tax Economic Impact Study for Louisville, which illustrates Louisville’s heavy tax burden

  • Adopting Right to Work to level the competitive playing field.

  • Removing business inventory tax and tightening loop holes.

I have experience working on corporate and government budgets. I understand the cost drivers and will ask questions and seek solutions to justify our tax dollars being spent. I will provide leadership by leveraging my knowledge to find ways to make Kentucky more competitive not only on a regional basis but nationally. I will bring out of the box thinking and knowledge of the financial sector to the General Assembly.

Please join me in helping to change the mindset of state government. We need a more business-friendly Kentucky.


We are all aware of how the healthcare dynamics have changed in Kentucky and throughout our nation as a whole. Personally I work for a non-profit, mental health counseling center, and I understand that fighting for healthcare solutions is paramount not only in lowering the cost of providing care but also in improving the delivery of quality care.

We need to shift these recent government control initiatives and put more control back into the hands of individuals and those who provide healthcare. The “local control” promises that were made to provide healthcare exchanges are a façade and there are many federal rules dictating how states must operate these exchanges. The bottom line is our health insurance premiums have increased, health providers are being told how to provide care, and service to those who can’t take care of themselves needs to improve.

I will fight to:

  • Reduce costly mandates and regulations.

  • Push for policies to have the healthcare provider/patient relationship drive the solutions

  • Establish medical review panels for malpractice.

  • Leverage public and private partnerships to address drug and substance addiction – addiction that has been on the rise in District 48.

  • Provide incentives for proactive wellness and preventive care programs.

  • Maintain and enhance programs that allow patients to be cared for in their own home as they age rather than in an institution.

  • Promote the development of new technologies to improve patient outcomes while lowering cost.

Please join me in helping to change the culture of apathy and exploitation within our state government. We have all the tools we need to make Kentuckians healthier, put more healthcare control in your and your health provider’s hands, and find ways to reduce healthcare cost.


Lets focus on student success and not educational bureaucracy.

Teachers make or break their student’s educational experience. An invaluable part of my own education was having engaged teachers. They are the key to our success, and it is our responsibility to equip them with the training and resources they need to do their job. Many teachers I know have to pay for supplies out of their own pocket which points to a bureaucratic structure that needs to be reassessed. One of our responsibilities we have to our teachers is to reassure them that their pensions will be funded. This way, they can focus on what they do best, teaching our future leaders.

Positive and engaging teachers were an invaluable part of my own education from Ballard High School and the University of Kentucky. However, the opportunity for a good education is a privilege that not everyone is given. Through a not-for-profit organization which I’m an Executive Director, we have partnered with an inner city boarding school and have seen firsthand the damage that students carry when they come from an impoverished environment. Drugs, a broken family unit, and little access to school supplies are all examples of factors that make learning more complex. We need to create other alternative learning models to ensure the specialization of education to meet the needs of every child. Giving teachers the flexibility and autonomy to be creative and innovative will allow for customizable teaching approaches to match the students’ needs. Any state funded program for education needs to have the transparency and accountability to ensure and measure its success rate.

Finally, as a businessman for many years and serving on the Louisville Metro Council, Kentucky is lagging behind in skilled and technical workforce. Working with the business and educational community, Kentucky needs to strengthen these career paths to provide a higher quality of life.

Please join me in supporting our teachers and elevating educational standards to lift up Kentucky to be more competitive nationally and globally. We must take the focus from education bureaucracy to the students’ success.


Our state government has shown a complete disregard for financial responsibility and a complete lack of smart money management. As a former Louisville Councilmember, I have led bipartisan efforts on ethics reform and transparency issues. I will fight for opening the books through audits and reduce the favoritism and insider Frankfort games. The General Assembly cannot be allowed to hide the details of the legislative branch’s pension and they cannot be allowed to keep taxpayers in the dark about potential political patronage from prior administrations. Many in Frankfort have seemingly forgotten that they are responsible for our tax dollars.

I spent ten years working for banks as a loan and marketing officer. I then applied my background in finance to help restructure my family’s aerial surveying and mapping company and make the company more competitive. As your representative, I will put my knowledge of the financial industry to work. I am prepared to help  restructure our state pension system – a system that needs to be restructured immediately.

The General Assembly approved the Governor’s budget to fund $1 billion of the $30 billion debt. Although this is a good start, the challenge will be in maintaining this discipline for years to come. I intend to keep the pressure on to continue to make up this ground, because our state is obligated to fund retirement accounts for teachers, government workers, and hazardous duty workers. This will not be an easy fix and it will take a long-range solution, but that should not scare us from taking action now.

We can’t keep borrowing or misappropriating money. Revenues should be allocated to their intended purposes and not siphoned off like how the General Assembly has treated the proceeds of the Lottery – a revenue stream that is intended to go towards education. I aim to be your watchdog on proper allocation of funds.

Finally, fiscal responsibility involves tactics to find effeciencies. When I was president of a national association, we took on federal, state and agencies on cost cutting measures. This three phrase approach involves –

  1. Taking an inventory of government regulations that inhibit and impede the attraction, retention and growth of businesses. By limiting government’s invasion of business operations and people’s lives we help promote a higher quality of life.

  2. Government lacks the oversight and investigative ability to rein in personal services contracts. We need a better system to eliminate duplication and justify these contracts.

  3. Taking an inventory of government services and asking questions like how much it costs to deliver the service, are there other services outside of government that offer similar services for equal or higher quality of delivering the service, and is it a vital function to government. Thinking critically will help us streamline government operations, discover cost saving measures for taxpayer savings, and increase transparency.

Please join me in changing the culture of our state government. Transparency and accountability should be the norm, not the campaign slogan.